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SNUPDATE 1: greetings. i have to rely some distressing news. my snake is missing. my snake is missing and i cannot find my snake. this causes me great amounts of pain and paranoia. in light of this information, i expect you to act with haste. to find my snake. in case this is the first you've heard of this godforsaken tragedy, allow me to relay this concise and not at all abrasive or melodramatic message. to you: i just wanted to make a snake. that's all i've ever asked you for. a snake. i cry as i type this. please read this as though i'm whispering. this is ruining my life. and yet i am calm. the darkness closes in. nothing matters anymore. i just wanted a snake. that didn't have a tail on it's head. what's the point? i needed this. and i failed to retrieve it. perhaps in another life. in another world. my snake and i will finally lay eyes on one another. then all would be at rest. alas. not this time. my affairs drag me homeward. yet i am enticed to stay. and await the comings of my snake. where? i ask - where is my snake? should i find it in heaven, though i am cursed to hell? time is knowledge. i will know soon. i will know peace. i will know rest. if only my snake should find me. please, god, please, anyone. if you happen upon my snake. tell my snake. tell my snake i search through endless deserts and webpages alike - cold and snowy, and warm and dusty - to find it. tell my snake i shall search till my weary legs find end. goodnight.(all snake updates will be referred to as snupdates (ss-nup-dates))SNUPDATE 2: i regret to inform my hopeful cronies that my snake is still at large. please contact. through my heart. if any news is heard. SNUPDATE 3 - THE LAST IN A THRILLING SAGA: my snake's location is still, to this day, unknown. perhaps i'll return here one day to continue my search. but for now. i must depart. please tell Hades i'm on my way. and that i hope he has my snake there waiting to embrace me when i get there. xoxo please find my snake.
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