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Everbound: Quest for Finality

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Game Description

A Final fantasy spoof you will absolutely love. Get ready for some hilarious FF fun! Each character you control has a different play style. Equip them with weapons and armor you think will suit them. Check out the equipment stats before you put them on. This game is turn based so you have to wait for your turn and pick an action you want the active character to do. Each character has a lot of special abilities so pick the ones you think will harm your enemy best. The objective of the game is to defeat all 3 opponents to get the 3 SquWoo stones from each of the monsters. Each monster you defeat gives an ultimate weapon to one of your characters and also gives a stat boost. Check out the skills you can use, using them at the right monster is the key to winning the game! Have Fun!

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this game against rex stone is stupid he keeps healing up when i have him down to 126 hp mizu is great for healing alies keiko is good for meatball meteo or midgit strike and konnichiwa is good for mr robberto this game kinda sucks but ill give it a 65% of 100% of a like
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I was expecting something a bit different, ok, that was the final fantasy music, and turn per turn... I was astonished and it might be funny for some to summon whatever you are offer to... But I am pretty far from that kind of humor. Lets say it was creative but really too far from my approach of a rpg.
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that was awesome! XD i loved the flamethrower and stomach juice blast and that micheal jackson thing, well..... it was just creepy
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......................... do not even play this game is u have any respect for rpgs this going on the ROG games list
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