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ok im also 17 getting ready to turn 18 and a senior in high school my name is mike for the 2nd time im a real nice guy ..........sometimes. umm about i high school wrestle at 152 and i had a chance to go to national but i declined it and i played football for about 6 or 7 years had some ankle injury's had to give it up so i started horse back riding.. (make fun of me and ill but u in a front headlock and then drop u and put u in a cradle) well enough about that now its time to tell u y i joined. i join cuz like in wrestling i want to be the best and be on top so that y i have been playing many games and i want to be known for something on this place so im going to make a thing call ROG= Rip Of Games list so here we go and i have a new friend named Gio this person will be helping me in the ROG Rip Of Games Christmas Attack-i thought this game was going to be fun but no its is a rip of all the game that r like this so do not play it and i mean it dont play it.so the lesson is dont play the game stupid Everbound: Quest For Finality- wow .... this is the worse rpg in the world the charters r so stupid ya lets have a fat guy who eats food and dosent do shit i hate this game it so stupid Jumping Mac- ........................wow lets go jump....off a 100 story building after playing this game................ Muay Thai- theres not much to say about this game that it SUXS y would u make such a crappy game ..wow Wow What A Race- wow wat a stupid game everything suxs about it so dont play it Bio Racer XL: Revolutions-this is a freaking stupid game lets jus say theres not point to this raceing game wait it canrt be callled that because u dont race nobody who ever made this game need to go walk off a bridge Find Smallmen- y did i even play this stupid game theres not much of a point but to fine red and blue guys if i wanted to do that i would go to my lil brothers and try to find there micro mechines Cosmic blast-this... game...is.. crap..... im bored as crap and i got to crap
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