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Bubble Spinner

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Game Description

In the 'Bobble Puzzle'-like skill game 'Bubble Spinner' you have to cluster the same-colored bubbles, you are also able to spin the whole bubblebunch.

Bubble Spinner Comments (30)
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Score: +8 |
im not sure what your talking about HotStuff33 this game owns
Newest Comments
Score: +1 |
this is hard but fun
Score: 0 |
I don\'t really understand what were suppose to do in this game? Are we suppose to be able to turn the bubbles??
Score: +1 |
I don\'t like this game
Score: +2 |
like it
Score: +1 |
Who says that bubble popping games can be boring? They just need to play this every now and again... Then they can see what real games look like!
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