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26 year old Male from Perth, AUSTRALIA AU
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'Break all the rules stand apart ignore your head and follow your heart'
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I'm from Thessalonike, Thessaloniki, Greece, but raised in Australia, my hobbies are listening to music, playing games, acting, playing guitar, drums and soccer, and just bein' me. I am a self-taught singer. I love Nickelback, the Canadian hard-rock band, I hate people who say bad stuff about them. I have a Facebook and a Myspace account, if you are from Australia and wanna know my mobile number, just ask me over IM chat and I'll give it to you (or I'll think about it). My background nationalities include Greece, Egypt and Italy. I only understand small amounts of Greek, am learning Italian, and don't really understand Arabic at all.. I'm in the process of teaching myself how to speak Arabic. Deathlock223 is like my internet brother. He is a great guy! If I'm ever in need, he's there. You should make sure you become his friend! It's the best decision I've ever made! ExplodingMind.. He is another GREAT guy! Be sure to make friends with him.. Rather than enemies.. He is SO nice.. To people who are nice to him! Always remember that... Long story short.. Deathlock223 and ExplodingMind ARE AWESOME!!! General Info: I'm 15, I stand at 1'66" tall (approx 5 Ft 6), I have brown, curly hair, my inspirations for singing, acting and guitar are simple: Acting: Michael J. Fox, Singing/Guitaring: Chad Kroeger (Lead singer of Nickelback). Internet bestfriends: All those in my top friends.. Mess with them and get ready for it... I'm not the type to have an argument with one of my friends. So if you start an argument with one of my friends, and also happen to be a friend of mine. Don't expect my help, at all. If you have ANY questions or queries. Just ask me, and I'll answer them (provided they aren't rude or disgusting) I can be a nice guy... When I want to be... Get me angry.. I turn into a bastard. But treat me nicely and with respect. And I shall do the same to you. Treat me like a piece of shit, that's how I'll treat you. Simple. But that's basically me! Hope you enjoyed reading my profile. And thank you for your time.
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