6 Pickup Lines for the Nerd in all of us

When looking for that special someone, weeding through the dating pool can be an overwhelming and intimidating task. Finding someone with similar gaming interests can be even harder. That's why MuchGames has taken the liberty of finding some of the best pickup lines for the nerd and gamer in all of us. If these lines illicit a chuckle or even a smile, you'll know you've got yourself a keeper.

1. Someone should tell the old gods and new gods that they're missing an angel

Nerd pickup lines Game of Thrones

2. Tonight this Han doesn't wanna fly solo

Nerd pickup lines Han Solo

3. You must have your phaser, set to stunning

Nerd pickup lines Star Trek

4. I would simply walk into Mordor for you

Nerd pickup lines Mordor

5. Baby you've been looking for love in Alderaan places

Nerd pickup lines Alderaan

6. You must be the girl on fire because you're as radiant as the sun

Nerd pickup lines Hunger Games



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