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Zombie Survival

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Game Description

Lost in a dense forest and surrounded by zombies, survive until you can. On a dark rainy night our hero's truck broke down in the middle of a dense forest! It is believed that this forest is inhabited by the living dead, the zombies! Fortunately our hero is armed with a gun and some grenades. So you have to help him survive among the attacking zombies for as long as you can. Stay calm and hold your nerves to confront the never ending waves of zombies.

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Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell,Jarell Susie,Susie,Susie,Susie,susie Ebony,Ebony,Ebony
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this game really sucks
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this suck
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there to many of ahhhhhhhhhghhhhhhh x.x
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awesome game but it needs more life
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