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Game Description

This game is based on the classic Zelda adventure/role playing game. You can acquire new weapons, interacts with NPCs, and kill evil doers. The controls are very basic, the common up, down, left, right arrows to navigate your character. Spacebar is used for your sword swipe attack, and q for bombs. Instructions are re-iterated in game like a walkthrough.

Zelda Comments (31)
Best Comments
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pretty amazing game
Score: +8 |
Same idea as everyone. No sound effects and no music whats the point of even making a game if theres no sound effects. I loved the zelda serise but this ruined it thanks alot!!:( 0,
Newest Comments
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Pretty cool game. Just wish there was some sound.
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wish i could play but it ist loading for me(was waiting for 6 min :L
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