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Whack Your Boss

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Game Description

Seven virtual ways to whack your boss here in cyberspace, so you don't have to do it. All you have to do is select different items with your mouse from your cyber desk and beat your boss to a bloody pulp. If you are experiencing serious homicidal thoughts, we encourage you to bring them immediately to your overpaid Human Resource person.. .Fast relief without harming a soul!

Whack Your Boss Comments (1107)
Best Comments
Score: +226 |
Lmfao! Die Yew Mutherer! >:(
Score: +132 |
way to whack him
Score: +120 |
This Game Is Soo Cool To Release All Of Your Anger Out! =]
Score: +102 |
The scissors are funny.
Score: +82 |
that thing on the letter makes me laugh
Newest Comments
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The game is very interesting and interesting, I really like to play such games. Thank you for sharing the information. You can play more games here vex 3
Score: 0 |
My Own Boss....He Thinks This Games Hysterical. Because He's Pretty Cool. He's A Very Laid Back, Let's Talk Things Out Type Of Guy. Hugs, To My Boss Bryan!!
Score: 0 |
best way to release anger
Score: 0 |
Score: 0 |
this is awsome
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