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The Bunny Wars

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Game Description

Bunny Wars is a fabulous multi-player game where you control a colored bunny and try to convert the other bunnies from their color to yours. There are white bunnies and there are yellow bunnies and you must try to convert as many over to the color you control. You win Bunny Wars when you convert the most bunnies in the given time, you control all the bunnies or there are no more moves to make. Of course, if your opponent loses all of their bunnies, you become the grand master of Bunny Wars and there's the fun playing this game. Try to outsmart, outwit and out move your opponent. Play Bunny wars, this fabulous free multi-player game online now!

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poegam pe na che sa cmmnt okama!
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It wouldn\'t load but it looked good
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stupid game wont load!!!
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