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Tactics Core

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Game Description

The Tactics Core engine is a powerful Strategy RPG development module, developed by DigiS using Flash MX. The code was written entirely in Flash 6 Actionscript, and it includes features such as dynamic 3D depth layering, and AI logic for enemy or guest units. Tactics Core supports four basic commands: Attack - Deal physical or magical damage to a target or target area. Healer units use Heal to restore HP instead. Move - Walk to an empty space. Friendly units on the path will move aside. Move can be undone as long as Attack is not used after it. Wait - End the current unit's turn. If no actions were taken, this unit only waits half the time for its next turn. Status - Display units information. Use this to determine the strenghts and weaknesses of a unit.

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Theres a online game of this and i like that 1 a lot more
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