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Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse

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Game Description

Move from room to room, collecting items and solving puzzles. Click on anything and everything because most objects will serve a purpose in your adventure. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen to access the inventory. Items in your inventory can be dragged onto certain areas to trigger events.

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Second chapter is defo harder, had to run around 90 mins and made sure that to solve e=mc² was necessary checking the walk trough, naming a cat Einstein isn\'t that much of a clue for me (if you don\'t know how to solve it, go back to school :P do something for yourself). Really interesting, puzzles are slowly getting harder. If you are the brainless type, you will need some help with this one, although no need a nobel prize either for something that simple. Glad I made it. The submachine games are going better with this one, hopefully, it is an ascendant trajectory. Switching to the 3rd to test that.
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i like submachine serie
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wow this game is no fun cuzz i just did nuthing u cant do NUTHING!!!!!!!!!!
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