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Game Description

The rules are simple: the squares of one color placed side by side form a block (one square is not a block). When you move the mouse over the board, blocks are highlighted. If you click on a block, it vanishes, and the squares above it shift down (and left if an empty column is created). The more squares in the block, the more points you get - the number is shown on the right of the board. The game is very strategic in nature - if you think a few moves ahead, you can assemble larger blocks that gain you much more points.

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Best Comments
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fun and colour ful game
Score: +5 |
Well known concept, basic but but efficient, it never get old. Personally I prefer the multiplayer version of this same game (way more tricky) but this peaceful approach is good too.
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Colorful peaceful game, I got to level 56. Then I got bored of it. Still a great game though.
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it is good but it shold- be beter you no thum up 1
Score: -2 |
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