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Game Description

Think your fingers are listening to you? Try this out and see how good your brain and your fingers work together. Each egg you eat gives you 9 points, and an extra tail is attached to your rear. Be careful as you grow bigger and less room is available. Hit yourself and you lose. The flashing eggs are worth up to 10 times more than normal eggs depending when you eat them. The sooner you eat them the more points, wait too long and they disappear. Have fun!

Snake Comments (132)
Best Comments
Score: +7 |
nice...reminds me of the old days when i was a kid and i used to steal my dad\'s phone to play this game...i remember playing it all day...love thiS!
Score: +6 |
stupid, annoying, but yet kinda addicting!
Newest Comments
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super fun
Score: 0 |
Score: -1 |
Score: -2 |
haha i love it :)
Score: -1 |
omggggg i lovvvveeeee this game :)
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