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Rage 2

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Game Description

Channel your rage and use them against the bad guys.. Fight with tons of skills and weapons! Objective of the game is to finish the levels while obliterating all that stands against you. Also, collect the health power ups and coins from the badguys to make it easier to finish the levels. There will be a huge variety of powerups and enemies so be alert! A tip would be to watch your health bar. Try not to get hit much and maintain it at a high level. Use your rage, guns and grenades only when necessary. Have fun!

Rage 2 Comments (26)
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I always play this game every week without any cheats for this game.
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not bad...good
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OH Xemnas you're cool >.>
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this is epic sick man killing time
Score: -1 |
I always play this...Its full of RAGE!
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