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Monster Saga

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Game Description

Monster Saga is a strategy game played with the mouse. In this game your goal is to train monsters to serve as an army for you. Use the mouse to make selections from the screen and train your monsters to make them bigger and stronger. Complete quests to earn money and food to spend on upgrades and training and become the king of the monsters!

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best computer game i\'ve played so far
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weird but good
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good! i love it!!
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I fcking hate it when websites label a game as a sequel and it just turns out to just be a huge disappointment when you are searching to see if the new one has come out yet and you just get this sht thrown in your face; don't get me wrong I fcking love this game but when I search and find a game labeled Monster Saga 2 I fcking want Monster Saga 2
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boom chicken soup
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nyc game
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Training a monster is like going towards death. But there would no fun without taking some risks. Here you have 20 major missions where Monsters will get trained to free Ovest.
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