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Harvey Wallbanger

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Game Description

Move the mirrored disco ball through the club, without falling off the dance floor. Collect all bonuses to gain extra points.

Harvey Wallbanger Comments (9)
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Groovy is the word haha... Far to be a bad game, noticeable 3D, disco in background, sound samples which fit anytime you take a coins or bonus, just look at other games, most cant list that. The gameplay is average, the theme makes it out of the lot, quite fine if you like marble madness like (nothing but a variation).
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Score: 0 |
i hate this game

the graphics suck, gameplay blows, and the sound is annoying
Score: +1 |
Good game, very creative, i think the main screen is really funny...hehehe
Score: 0 |
This game was weird fun and challenging but like the other guy said it was annoyingly slow between levels.
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