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Gretel And Hansel 3

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Ok so its FINALLY HERE. After a solid year of work, we happily present to you part 2 of Gretel and Hansel. Much longer and more involved than the first game, this took our blood sweat and tears for many sleepless nights. Very special thanks to Tom and the Newgrounds crew for sponsorship and support during this very trying week as we made the changes necessary to launch. Thanks to Jess Cron, our new music maestro. He composed all of the new music for the game, and I'll be the first to say how amazing it all is. Also thanks to Mike Rudolph for our wonderful theme music. Controls are the same as Part One, use the arrow keys or the ASDW keys to move around, mouse to click and use your inventory items. Also the game saves automatically so don't worry about having to do it all in one sitting. Being a massive game I'm sure there are still plenty of bugs i've missed. I know for a fact one achievement isn't working properly. Please let me know when you find them and i'll squash them ASAP. All other comments are appreciated as well. Enjoy!

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awsome game (:
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cool but slow download
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This isn\'t Gretel and Hansel 3!!!!! It\'s Gretel and Hansel 2 >:(
Score: +5 |
This game makes u wanna play it.
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i love this game too. it's so good and i haven't played this yet.
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I like their story
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hi..im new my name it's evelyn but call me With :v
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I love this game
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