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Galactic Warrior

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Game Description

This game is a shooter/arcade game where you are a pilot in space. Take control of your ship and suvive attacks from other space ships while dodging asteroid. The controls can be mapped to either the mouse or the keyboard. The default keyboard controls are left/right keys to move, 'ctrl' to shoot and 'space' for shield.

Galactic Warrior Comments (6)
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Score: 0 |
not good or bad either eh
Score: +2 |
3 stars to me but you might say differently.
Score: +4 |
Nothing really to care about. Time waster I suppose.
Score: +2 |
This game isnt amazing, but it isnt poor. Just another shooter, should add something to distinguish it from others.
Score: +2 |
Offers nothing in the excitement department.
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