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Fairy Fishing

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Game Description

Ever tried fishing for fairies? Catch as many fairies as you can! Use your hook to catch fairies and reel them in. Try getting as many fairies as you can in a short time to win. You can catch up to 5 fairies in your hook, more will set them free. Different colors of fairies correspond to point bonuses to pick the ones with more points. A tip to winning the game is to try catching 5 fairies per go. Try to catch similar fairy colors to gain more bonuses. Also try to avoid the large fairies because they will set free the ones you are trying to catch. You can also catch the large fairies one at a time. Enjoy! Left Click to lower your hook.

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its nice..
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its okay. not bad
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its a okay game i made it up to level6 LoL but you get bored
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