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Neo Shifters

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Create and play your own NEO Shifter . Join the war and play on either side in this new MMORPG. NĒO Shifters are a line of toys designed by MEGA Brands Inc. The novelty behind these toys is their ball shape which spreads opens into a robotic action figure(the Shifter) and releases a second miniature creature(the Neo) from its belly, resulting in a two in one toy with multiple play possibilities. Some NĒO Shifters, like Paladins, believe in responsible consumption of resources, that survival of the Galaxy very much depends on finding alternative methods of producing and preserving energy resources. These NĒO Shifters are prepared to defend the Galaxy from the depletion of such resources. The leader of the Paladin resistance is Magna::Rex, son of Alpha::Rex. His comrades are Atlas::Raan, Cozma::Tor and Delta::Tek. Other NĒO Shifters, like Templars, are venturing to extrapolate and take unscrupulous advantage of vital planetary resources for purely reckless and malignant advancement. They believe the Galaxy has an unlimited supply of resources and are ultimately attracted to the power derived from controlling its consumption. Their leader, Terra Sfear, betrayed Alpha::Rex in the time before the wars thus giving him the opportunity to take control of the hydrax energy they so desperately seek. His generals are Scar Dorn, Mongra Tek and Blaze Axx. Along with the first and second wave of NEO Shifter action figures came four vehicular NEO Shifters. The Hydrowave and Turbofly shifters belong to the Paladins, while the Quad-Pod and Duneskiff are piloted by Templars. One vehicle of each affiliation shares a similar weapon and transformation technique(Quad-Pod & Hydrowave, Turbofly & Dunekiff). Interesting Note: each vehicle shares a color scheme with a second generation character and has the same face. New sets have been released including the Split::Shifter, Hydrax Energy Base, the Web Battlers and the third wave of NEOShifters Children are invited to Join the Resistance and stand up for their faction. A complex series of codes found on the toys and elsewhere can be used to boost individual power in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game dedicated to the advancement of the NĒO Shifters adventure. The MMOG was created by Frima Studio and is now part of the Big Rip portal. Play Neoshifters now and build your own NeoShifter!

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