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Gandys Quest

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Game Description

Gandalf, the old wizard of Lord of the rings has been deprived of one of his most important tasks i.e blowing animated smoke rings with his pipe! He lost his pipe in Orthanc. Help him get his pipe back. But be careful as it's a dangerous road to Isengard, so you have to avoid the enemies at all cost. Also collect the gold along the way so that the wizard can use some of the money to buy new Pipe weed too!

Gandys Quest Comments (8)
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Score: +2 |
Cute graphics! The game play was well :) It can entertain you for a little while.
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Score: 0 |
i hated it
Score: +1 |
these spiders dude...theyre messing me up :x i dislike the controls very much, wayy too slippery
Score: -1 |
it sucks
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