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Ayumilove Hackerstory 2 Anti Idle Game

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Its half baked though. But more contents and features will arrive later! I have not added a preloader, so wait for awhile for the game to load. I can't guarantee that your progress is kept when the new swf (containing new features) replaces with the current one. Updates Currently working on:- 1. Equipment System 2. Monster Drops 3. NPC system to buy/sell/quest 4. Upgrading Cheat Engine via Cheat Point Special Events 01-May-2010 : GM on Holiday! GM will not be patrolling on Labor Day. Instructions Similar to HackerStory 1. However, this is more like alpha stage. Don't worry about GM or passerby because I have not implemented them yet! If you found a bug or two, report to me so I can fix it. Suggestions in the comment box are taken into consideration. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 1. Are we gonna get job choices right? Yes, choose unique job from NPC at the pre-requisite level.

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why does it load ayumiloveSTORY v2? even though it says ayumilove HACKERSTORY v2
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this game need a preloader. plz get the preloader right away
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