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Autumn War

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Game Description

Face the horde of zombies in autumn. This tactical suspense game will surely test your nerves! Fight your way in the battlefield using guerilla tactics and good positioning. The objective of the game is to eliminate the enemy zombie forces that keep advancing! Try to use different tactics to win! A strategy to winning this game is to use everything to your advantage. Use distance and terrain advantages to keep a step up from the zombies. A tip would be to hold position and keep firing until the zombies are near. Retreat if they are close, you wont run out of ammo. Good luck! Click on the enemy position you want to fire on. Click on the command you want your troops to do.

Autumn War Comments (181)
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This game is good but its kinda hard
Score: +9 |
this game is nice strategize and win
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One of my Personal Favorite.
Score: +2 |
...Dafuq? THIS IS THE ORIGINAL AUTUMN WAR! It's just the same game reposted!
Score: +1 |
awesome game.........
Score: +2 |
nyc game coool
Score: +3 |
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