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GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!! ...I'm just a monster... ...G-go away if you want your life... *Turns away, frowning, as wings rip out of my back, sending blood everywhere* ....GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monster Hunter By Me - Squeamish little monsters hanging on the wall... Waiting for the Monster Hunter to take them away. I don't give them the choice but if they give me a hard time...CRUSH AND SNAP goes their body. Fed to the fire of eternal burning. No one can hide from the Monster Hunter!~ I will find the monsters drenched in crimson and feed them to to the gate-way of hell!.. They can cry and scream all they want but I don't give them mercy!~ Squeamish little monsters chained in a line waiting for death to soon arrive. Their cries and screams make me grin!~ Waiting for their turn in death by Jess The Monster Hunt-er!!!~ Run and hide if you want but the monster hunter is never nice! I'll tear you to shreds and never give up!~ The Monster Herself has never gave up a chance of blood and guts as they splatter against the wall!!!~ The Monster Hunter...~ Monster Hunter...~ Never sad nor mad just keeps the stitched smile on her face!~ Monster Hunter...~ Monster Hunter...~ Run and cry but...~ I...~ Will...~ Find..~ YOU!!!!!!!~ No one has ever escaped the Monster Hunter. I always find them and lock them in the cellar. If you run and hide I'll still find ... Them. Hahaha!!! HAHAHAHAA!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
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