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Well i cat is on my head so thats on my mind, right? or is that wrong:P I NO KNOW MATHMETICS DX
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Hi! You might as well know i love .. CATS!!! .. Also if your wondering "Whats my real name?" well its Emily just call me Em for short. I have about 8 Female cats 9 Male cats 4 Female kittens and 2 Male kittens! Some people wonder why I like cats so much! Well let me tell ya! When I was one, my mom and me went hiking. We were on a shaking bridge, and it was pretty old! I slipped and a board broke! When i fell something caught me. It wasn't my mom! It was a middle sized cheetah! It didn't try to eat me or bite me! I know that because it pulled me up, sat in my lap, and purred! I have also known regular pet cats have been liking me a lot to! I also have a shop to take care of helpless cats. When people come in and say their cat is sick i check him/her. If i cant fix the cat i tell them we HAVE to put them to sleep. I hate putting them to sleep, it makes me cry! I'll also make sure i can fix them and tell their owner to com over the next day. When i leave home i have a cat sitter to take care of my cats for when i'm gone because I am at least gone 19 hour A DAY! My job is very tiring as you can tell, but i help cats and sometimes other animals live! If this "About Me" has gotten boring you can lave (That was just a pause were still going!) When i get home I make sure the sitter is still there and pay her $45.99 every week. She is a very good sitter for my cats. She feeds them, plays with them, teaches them, she even downloads cat games on her tablet for them! And im sorry this is all, but i will add more tomorrow!!
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