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23 year old Female from Scarborough, UNITED KINGDOM GB
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Need the old gang back! Miss you Sloppy, Chris and Zacx!!
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Well first of all i'm called Chloe, I play the gutair, I love Black Veil Brides and I live in Scarborough and I love it! I would love to go and see paramore, my chemical romance and black veil brides. I hate haters, and people who label. My birthday is on the 5th March, but everyone always forgets... I'm one of those people who would jump in front of a bullet for anyone, for the two simple reasons that I care about people even if they hate me and I hate my life. I was hit by a car when I was 11 from saving my little sisters life, and I will never regret it. Yes I might argue with her but still I love her she is my only proper sister. I used to be bullied untill I moved to Lady Lumley's I hate it :( but ah well we all have to get on with life... So yeah tha's me!
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