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20 year old Male from Milwaukee, UNITED STATES US
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i'm bck him my inbox or massge
hey my name is milo and i'm a funny dude to hang with come to me and we can talk about any thing you want plus try to get a girl who is my age and my brother well tell me if he like s you plus i'm taken by naynay and i dont think we well be toghter for long soo now to me. I am funny,cute,smart,. they dont call me swagking for nuthing be cuz i date girls alot of them in my life soo thatss why my name is swagking525 and i really like shuu1039 she is sweet and cute funny smart and i like her sister too lol.if you want to know more stuff about swagking come to me and ask my lil brother miloswagking
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