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24 year old Female from Madison, UNITED STATES US
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Get at me if yu want i wont reply .
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i love to play vidieo games an i play basketball an im a artist an hang out with friends or family at the movies,mall,or other places, im 5 foot 5 now. im turnin 12 in oct but that dose mater so just add me if u wanna be friends or wanna hang out sometime. and my favorite colors are red an blue. i no y other people just wanna add me because i be on line ontil mid night but so if u want me to add u u have to have a good page an i was born on the west side .im gonna be single ontill my birthday sorry yah.comment photos.peaceout peoples people i no i havent been on alot but u no y i been onboombang.tv its funnier then this so thats y i be on there so mabe ya should try it one day. bye peace.
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