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Rockzz boy is back :~
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Hi my name is Bilal, I'm 19, I'm a very nice, sweet, an sensitive persOn, I am phOtographer, nd i like music screamo, heavymeata, an rOck, sometimes rap, I love to hang an chat with friends, I care abOut peOple more then i care abOut myself, Try to stay on my good side, meaning if your mean, call me fake, or just hurt me, i'll unfriend you, or block you.. so please be nice to me... i get hurt easy.. Any other qustions yOu would like to ask.. Message me, an i'll give you a answear if i have one.. =^_^= c(: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey I Love my gf sO much her name is Anam ..:*:* nd Anam is my" EVERY THING " Loveu jaaanu infinite :** Iam Lucky tO have u :* janu i dOn't want tO lOose u ever n ever cOuse u r my jaaaaaan :* .. Hey Girls listen dOn't ask me stpid questiOn (Are u single)Iam nOt single iam nOt single iam nOt single iam nOt single nOw get it :Di have many bestiees :D nd i have nO any sibblingx but here i met gOod frndzz sOme Of my brO nd sis like Aryan is brO .. i Love him alOt :* he is realy nyc guy .. he always suppOrt me !nd kashish is my lil sis :D she's very cute ^.^ nd red rOse her real name is Sara she always care abOut me !! nd james is my alsO lil brO he is sOoooo Loving But he always dukhi Atma hahahhahahah :D what ever but he is my cute Lovely brO i can't see him sad *.* Pinkyyusra she is shOoooo shOo Loving nd i can't explain she is sO nyc girl my bestiee yusra I lOve uh :)) be happy zOom u alsO my best budy ^.^ she's same like yusiiii she is AwsOme as alwayZz mast jhakaZzz every thing her nature is sOo gOod :D ayanshah my Best budy he's sO decent ...ayaan's fave dialogue i alsO like thz dialOgues 'Iam cOol Like fish in pOol' :D he's very gwd by nature :) Ayan2014 is also my good frnd i love him zeeshaan too they both really nyc ^.^nd sami is alsO my really gud brO i Love u sam bhai :** be happy my awll frnds ..My awll besties are sO gud nd i lOve them alOt alOt alOt alOt *.*.........(lOVE U ALL FRIENDS) :***
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