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20 year old Male from Islamabad, PAKISTAN PK
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Really Sad because my beloved Uncle is no more with me may his soull rest in peoce and allah almighty grant him place in Jannat...!!
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Hi friends its me Azhar......I am Fun Lover and love to visit adventurous places where no one is with me.....I like just 2 songs........I never ever watched any movie but wish to watch waar.. I m really nice person and want to become Friend of al the members of this site....If u want to talk you can message me any time...I always accept all the requests that came to me and i want to be the wealthiest and most popular users of this site so plz help me to become these two things.......Plz Plz rate my profile if u like it and don't ignore it once u rate it then tell me i'll rate urs as well....And I Am Muslim and living in Islamabad Capital of Pakistan.....I m pushto speaking but can talk in Urdu, English and Pushto as well...So if u want to talk to me u can use these three languages as u wish............and plz send me frend request as well......I like all the games of the world whether its hockey, cricket, football, tabletennis, squash,tennis, volleyball,basketball but i dont like one game that is BAseball......Thnx it was all of my introducation so if u like me then do tell and dont forget to rate my profile..........Thnx..Regards...Prince Azhar....
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