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22 year old Female from Lahore, PAKISTAN PK
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Happy Birthday Arslan.😍
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Ummmmmm Hellow Friends I'm Yusra You Can Call Me Pinky...Its My Nick Name ♥ And "I LOVE MY ALL FRIENDS" Please Don't Ask Stupid Questions That Only Prove You are Mental level. I don't upload my pictures and also I don't do videochat it does not mean i'm fake it means I don't want to share my personal info And Pictures with others.. i'm here only for good friend so plz don't ask me to be your girlfriend.. I don't care if you are fat or skinny,good or bad,or belong to which race and religion as long as you are good to me im good to you ☺....here's really nothing interesting about me. Well if you gotta know something then fine.My weakness is that I easily trust on all people, I love music,I talk a lot,I like to play 8 ball pool, blahh blaah blaah.......xD...
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