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NEVER forget the pain. For it is an ever so blatant reminder.
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Hm. Well, how should I start this? I guess by giving my name. It's Garry. Yes, two R's. Don't judge me. Anyway, I am weird but it's no fun being normal. I'm 99.99% sure I love Livvie more than you. My brother is Euden and I've been through everything with that bastard, and we still haven't died yet. Haruka is mine and mine alone. I am a father. My daughters are my life, the one reason I still live and breathe. Serina and Suko are my daughters. If you EVER so much as look at them wrong, that is the last thing you will ever see before your eyes are out of your skull. If you wanna know more about me, you'll have to ask. I train people in the way of the sword. Students: GatheredSouls(Aiko), NaruOreki(Madi), akitaneru301(Yukiko), KidoTheKitten(Naomi), CryingLight(Suzumi), Linzay(Hitomi), Kiniko(Seiko), SayuriOfBluClan(Sayuri), LittleAngie(Ayumi), Diamondstars(Mayu), TheInnocentOne(Sakura), XxWolfChanxX(Hanabi), WoundedWarrior(Vanille). If your mind is too fragile, if your heart is too weak, if your willpower isn't strong enough, don't try being anything. You wouldn't be able to face the reality of what comes to stop you. What is it that you are so eager to live for? Hurry up and die, you're wasting your time on this pathetic planet. Dying's the easy part, so hurry up and get it over with. You're only a waste of space and oxygen.
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