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seriously hate this sitecoming here to get some photos (i had them on my other laptop)
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I'm a person who needs to find out about my best friend that left my school two years ago i was talking to him on muchgames untill a hacker of the user name bluemung hacked him my friend made more accounts that got hacked his account that he was most recently on was bolt but that was in April bluemungs little brother is redmung who hasn't been on since last year ive been making fake Pokemon cards that aren't supposed to look real and i rarely give away my real name on the internet i just go by the nickname of Mario. i was able to hack but i wasn't able to go on muchgames so i gave up a script that helps me hack to get a script to go on muchgames. if you have any other questions or answers about bluemung and redmung and bolt tell me.
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