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23 year old Female from Karachi, PAKISTAN PK
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HeY! dont think that i am ugly... because I am more preetier than you...lol XD
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Hola everyone! xD It is Jannat here. A total junk-food lover and probably a foodie too [but still skinny]. :P To begin with, I love reading and swimming. My drug is MG. I owe my everything to my besties. Part of the 4 musketeers : Mou, Me, Cuteprincess and Shifa. xD Break their heart, and I'll punch you hard in your face. Arghh! It is a little weird talking about yourself! :3 I'm really a very moody girl and has around 20 mood swings in just a day, you can ask Mou about it. :3 She'll probably tell you better about my moods. :P Rate my profile if you find it cool. xD. Leave a note if you want to be friends, I'll indeed reply you! :D Okay, that's it for you to know. Haters may fuck themselves. Because they're gonna hate. Peace and piss. ♥
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