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23 year old Male from Pearl River, UNITED STATES US
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just got co owner on a minecraft server :D
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Im Dakota Whetstone 16 like rock mostly Disturbed i also hate steriotypes people seem to think all rock is scream-o its not 3 of my favorite bands are disturbed slipknot and rise against my favorite shows are also the walking dead and WWE ill also talk to just about anybody and if ur an ass to me ill b an ass back i know i can be weird and my favourite color is orange if theres anything else u can ask me anything i would also like to say i will try my BEST to stop u if u think about suicide u think noone loves u ppl do love you my favorite peoples on here are : Zoeylovesbacon,sellyrocket Metalfan theyre really awesome peoples dont judge people before you get to know them thats for anybody and also emo peoples are awesome dont mess with em because theyre different theyre more mature than your ass will ever be
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