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33 year old Female from Independence, UNITED STATES US
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I jus moved 2 Ky , oh itz pretty kewl here I like it and I like 2 cause alot of me friendz live here. I am a nice , smart girl. I do not take any shit from anyone though never have an never will. so if you want ta be friends thats cool just dont try an start no shit k, thanks .I am the gurl on here wit long black hair an there is a few pics of me friendz on here 2. I like 2 hang wit my friendz alot an go out as much as possible. I am not currently datin any any guys mainly cuz the last 1 broke mi heart !! So i beat his azz!!! Haha mthrfkr!!!! So its like that now an the next guy i am with best do mi rite or I'll break his fkin face,lol an I aint playin!!! I like all kinds music but i would have ta say that r&b an is my fav kind ta listen 2 though. I am best friendz wit katiepop45 on here well she is just like my sister so anyone that messes wit her then I will have a problem wit ya mmky. I would lay down and die for my girl katiepop45, I have known her all my life.There are other a few best friends i have, an katiepop45 an my friend kristin an rachel and stephani are the prolly the only people i would die 4 . They are my life 4 real !!! I have met some kewl funny people on here. They can usually always make me laugh evrydy. 4 real i have met some really kewl people on here like sexykitty4ever she funny as hell she alwyz mke me laugh u know u do gurl lolz. an dolphin111 is cool an funny too lolz grlz. an then awesometastic99 he so sweet an funny an 2 sweet italian chef, an sweet funny cris17, an shelby23 she 2 dam funny lolz. So if u all have a prob wit any thze peepz then haha idk hell wit u cuz they r all kewl as hell lata !!!!!! Get your own virtual pet!
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