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29 year old Female from Dallas, UNITED STATES US
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im bixeual young,wild,and free
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hi!my name is jazmine aka jazzy.i am a com grl sometimes i like eatin ice-cream im 16 i like jersey shore and bad girls club im usly com until smeone fuck with me and so ppl are goin to mess with me becauz there haterz...i got 7 sisters on here and they are serinity302,nikki10,cutiecupcake,brebre123,kalila123,samari,RNG1297 and if u fuck wit them you will have to hear me tlk and i got at least 6 bffl on here and thhey are JAKEboiz,babygirl,barbiebree,babieenikkee16,coolbeans4044 so um i luv the beach and i go to school of the arts in newyork my favorite word is awww and i luv being nice and if u hav anything negive to say pls bark for the dogs not me and if u cool with me and im cool with u we wont hav any problemm.and i hate when fucking boys ask me if im single i got a sexy as bf so i dont want u.so if u have anything else in mind inboxx me ok luv u bye
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