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22 year old Female from Illinois City, UNITED STATES US
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Unė me tė vėrtetė duan disa shalqi tani.
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Name: Jasmine hope rexhepi Age:16 Work: Brunswick bowling alley (don't stalk me at work) Fave season: fall Do I drive: yes I do Sports: dancing and soccer How do I look this amazing everyday: I rub mayo on my face (not really) Where were you born: Albania Where do you live now: illinois Do you believe in Jesus: no I believe in prada Height:5'2 (I know I'm short shush) Woman crush: Lana del Rey School: hell hole highschool Ideal bf: Dave Franco duh Fave food: well who doesn't love pizza Fave colour: rainbow! These are the questions I get asked the most so I hope that covers everything. If there's anything else you wanna know I'm always happy to get a message or PC. :D
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