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nyan nyan nya nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan ITS STUCK IN MY MIND but its catchy! nyan cat
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im a fan of sonic and a death metal fan mostly cannibal corpse i also love guitar hero all the guitar hero ive beaten and the rock bands are guitar hero 3 guitar hero wourld tour guitar hero aerosmith rock band 1 and 2 guitar hero smash hits and i have guitar hero metallica also i love horror games and i love the series warriors by erin hunter so if you like those books tell me i have only two real friends one is chris and the other is nicknamed goober his real name is tamar. more on the sonic franchise i have sonic heroes sonic riders sonic unleashed and sonic mega collection plus and my favorite sonic character is scourge the hedgehog from the comics and a fan made game called s factor my second favorite charater is silver the hedgehog from the comics and one of the most hated sonic games sonic next gen or sonic 06 third favorite character is sonic the hedgehog nothing much to say about him also my favorite character thats not a hedgehog is tails miles prower i would say rob o the hedge is my fave but i say hes a hedgehog hes only from the comics and is not well known an my favorite band is three days grace thats all i have to say so i hope you have a good time on muchgames.com. oh and one more thing my favorite sonic game is sonic next gen though it does have some flaws for one theres alot of glitches but some actually help you other flaws are extremely long loading screens and useless dialouge and the speed parts of the stages and ive only beaten the game once there are four stories sonic the hedgehogs story silver the hedgehogs story and everyone favorite shadow the hedgehogs story and the last story also this is the only 3d sonic game that i know of that shows sonic getting killed by not eggman but someone else if your going to buy it it is for the ps3 and the xbox only. also i do love skateboarding and i like two specific shows truth or scare and mystery hunters and ive seen about 7 horror movies there names are the crazies aliens vs predators reqium cerberus deep blue sea vacany scream final destination only half of final destination i do like horror shows the only one so far is harpers island i also love basketball i like one specific game very much its called hamsterball you may not know this game but its fun and also i get banned from my friend olivis house alot but i end up being able to go back . one more thing if you have heard of i wanna be the guy i wanna be the tribute i wanna be the fangame and i wanna be the rip-off i will talk about that.oh and i will be friends with anyone no matter who it is i will be nice but ill be mean if you get on my nerves i also i like to listen to tay zonday and if you have any questions for me ask them in the comments. also i love final fantasy games my favorite is final fantasy 10 i have 3 other final fantasies so yeah thats about it also i like devil may cry i have them all i have devil may cry 4 too .
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