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i really dont care
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Hi im aubrey theres not much u need to know but im the biggest joker also im the sweetest bicht u will ever meet. i realy cant foucess on one thing. im not smart, really cute, i luv to text but my dad wont give me mins untill FEBUARY so fukn mean lolmfa. im no slut hore,hoe stripper, or anything like tht i like to be respected not disrespected. I cant look straight in someones face ill luagh (my exs say i have the cuteset luagh lol) i know how to defend my self so dnt try to jump me ill beat ur ass lmfao i play soft ball im never realy on i do have a facebook tho im always on tht ummmmmmmmm........ wht eles do i want to tell u lol im dipssy lol im not a blond im a bown haired 13 year old young women but people think im bloned cuase the way i act ....... but if a sicco killer were to chase me i wouldnt fall i have tht much senece lol everyone calls me giggles and clueless lol im realy stuck up on my self, and NEVER EVER UNDER ANY SERCUMSTANDSIS get on my bad side its real bad to bad i cant even discribe it lol well if u want to talk or hang or whtever email write me anything DNT BE SHY cuase if u r i will brake ur shyness lol im tht cool ps if i do give u my # if i dnt answer im probaly bussy or doing my hair shoppn listning to MUSIC at a party park something but other wise ill pickup and if idk u i might text u fuck u lollolololololol im that funny @_^
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