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30 year old Male from UNITED STATES US
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Hmu if your 18 and over, have a car, or have a way to get to southeast ks
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Im a sweet guy when i wanna be, i may look like a pretty boy but im no punk i'll put up a fight, i love metal/rock music it helps me get through hard times, I'm not a party boy, I don't smoke or drink nor do I really like people who do, so sorry if it doesn't float your boat. I'm a pretty honest guy when I'm in a relationship I don't leave out any secrets nor do I cheat, I've been cheated on I know how it feels, I'm the type of guy who doesn't keep problems to himself and I rather you didn't either I wanna talk about them and solve them to better our relationship, some of my hobbies or things I like to do is swimming, camping, playing catch with a football,watching anime and playing video games I'm a total nerd when it comes to electronics so if you like what you see let me know, get to know me and you will find out I can be better than the rest, If you wanna know something else about me just ask me anything I don't mind
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