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hurt me you get attacked by my friends hurt my friends and u get hurt by me
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Hi my name is Adia but u can call me Lisanna lily or wolf I like roleplaying, fairy tail sailor moon naruto and accel world, and certain youtubers and there's nothing u can do about it. I'm a punk/emo kid so if u don't like my description don't friend me. my fears r spiders heights the dark and being alone. if u have a problem with tht then thts yur problem not mine. my boy friend is zombieliving and if you hurt him then i will personally find someone to kill you I'm very protective in a way like if some on here was bullying u I would ask for there user and scream at them 2 stop. my favorite games are zelda and pokemon. if anyone wants my quotev account they have to ask i go to georgia cyber academy and ive been to the ksu center (kennasaw state university) for eog's (end of grades) so if i told u bout this site know tht its the same girl tht told u bout this site btw if u tell any1 im in a relationship i will kill u cuz my parents dont know cuz theyd kill e if they did so dont tell any1 leave the telling to me and my bf so this all I got for now so BYE BYE
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