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UhCome come nowPac told me fuck the world, I'm bout to cum nowI've been a pro, but now I'm profoundPropane on posers, restraining from the dojaImagine if I smoke, I probably come up with a quote...So heavy you'll forget every album you heard from HovaOr 2pacalypse I'm Hub City's novelistCome and get your scholarship, I'm taking kids to schoolA pool full of spit, dive in, I'm bout to droolYou'll drown tryna backstroke on concepts that I wroteI was a black sheep, but now I'm just a goatAnd I'm about to elope, married to the game yoThis is hip hop at it's finest, when you find this in a ZiplocTil the wheels fall off, fuck a pit-stopOr what not, where my tear drop, I murdered itMy pot-holes is turbulenceI'm in the sky wit itWhen you listening to Kendrick.....just...
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