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25 year old Male from Oxnard, UNITED STATES US
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BORED BORED BORED im so fucken BORED can someone please pm me or message my inbox
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Im a mexican american catholic boy born and raised in Oxnard, California and i am aways horny for girls that are wet and i like 2 RP, workout and play sports like: football, baseball, basketball and soccer also. I am an ex pothead because I got caught and was arrested and was expelled now i have to go to a charter school and take a test every week or be kicked out of my charter school. But i am a good listener that likes 2 listen 2 what people have 2 say and im also a good cook and my family is fucked up to me because im the first of my brothers and sisters to be arrested and my old account used to be just chuch but a white kid named eric hacked it and took it over the assface is a fag fuck anyone that says that im wasntwasn't i will fucken murder u bitches so suck on my dick 8======D ^O^ $
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