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Bitches wanna test me Yea who wanna fell,Yea you scared go to Church i'll see you in hell
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Wadd up the names christina but call me chrissy im 16 years old where do i live on earth of course well you dont need to know im from texas im single and loving it im bisexual so i like guys but i love girls ;) um what else fuck love and relationships i mean relationshits they suck ass (TSD). Im looking for people to have fun with and talk to hopefully theres not gonna be creeps peedos and purverts just stay away from me ok cuss i aint got time for it ugh i dance, skateboard i love listening to WATEVER it doesnt matter i love to eat my fav pizza in spaggetti there my favorite i have a puppy his name is alvis i named him tht beacause i love Alvis Deran And the morning show there awesome um im outgoing layed back pretty much cool if your not the anoying type than other than tht we gon get along great so yea if you wnna kno more feel free anouph to ask chat me ask questions and hopefully we can be friends kbye loves (mwah)
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