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21 year old Male from Mableton, UNITED STATES US
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what's on my mind is my business
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hello and welcome to the world of chirp....or mind rather. enjoy gender: male| likes: gaming, food, comic books, guns, action movies, drawing| powers: teleportation, super strength, shape shifting, dark soccery, and fire/earthly summoning special in combat especially with guns and melee weapons| height: 6'4| personality: very friendly and open to others, will be hostile if treated with hostility, likes to joke around but can be wise and a quick thinker in the time needed, quiet and observant when meeting other people life story: classified until further notice and know you know Xavior ........ _________________________________________________________ best friends: jamie, crab, darkwing, Amanda, Momo, gothic, loli, kai, leo, kayla, eve, Mia, nial, and miku. _________________________________________________________ Royalty: Ancient kings/ queens
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