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32 year old Female from Saint Louis, UNITED STATES US
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why is it so hard to tell me the truth
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My name is Briana Hooten.. I'm from Rocher, I am very fun and outgoing. If you scared to do something just tell me and ill most likely do it for you. i have a fear of highs. not sure why but i am.. ♥ I love hanging out with my friends. i hate people that think they are better than me. SORRY honey your not better than anyone we are all the same its america. so get over yourself. I love to swim. like the best thing to do in the Summer.. I am in love with the best guy in the world.. His name is Lucas. I live with him. i love him more then any thing in the world. But thats a diferent story MY BEST FRIEND IS SHEILA LEE REITZ I do put up with alot of shit but once you have pushed me to far watch out cuz i can be a bitch.
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