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love is something that you cannot fake its something from your heart that makes it ache all I can do is cause you smiles its not sience there is no files its a feeling that I rarely get there is a hole in my heart lets see if yu can fit.
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hey im the king of blood XD...but srsly my name is james im weird and funny also hard to understand sometimes I have a very kind heart I am very deep and smart when im sad but mostly im happy hurt my friends or family and yur fuckking dead understood......blitzkrieg BOOM!!!!!!!!! brothers: xXLedoXx,TF2Spy,CryGuyJr,Motionless,iiLegalize.sisters:FlamingDeath(DarkFlame),ThatUnlovedGirl,WolfAdoreBites,Rina01.adopted parents:CryGirl,CryGuy(ShyCry).Birth parents:Mr.Slenderman,TaraHatesYa.Daughters:Princess24841,LezBeSexy, Anushka505,xxXKaylaLovesAnimeXxx,bloodydoll.sons:kirothekiller,Zero.The girlfriend:violet.BFFs:ScarlettxKenshin,Poisonlov3,Roseamary1flame, emmacutie,deathxgirl,chris90,WierdAsFuck,xAnnoyingOrangex,xXJayHatesYaXx. masters:darkgirl.slaves:mewmewtheskitty,coconuttheneko.my brothers are the best yu can ask for mostly Spy he is annoying now and then but he has a good heart very caring of his friends he is the best brother ever love yu big bro ^^.ledo is awesome very calm and helpful but veryweird lol.legal now that's a brother he's been threw allot of shit but he stays strong an awesome person.motionless gay creepy and weird....that's all XDD.cryguyjr is pretty cool he can get very annoying at times but he's alright.flamingdeath...annoying but sweet as candy very good sister.ThatUnlovedGirl she is the best big sister ever!!!:D. wolfadorebites she is a little sad now and then but an awesome person and very kind.Rina01 I cant understand her much but she is very smart and very kind Crygirl idk much about her but she's been a good mother towards me. Cryguy idk much about him but he seems very very weird :/. Mr.Slenderman my dad..weird as fuck XD. TaraHatesYa not a bad mother she is weird but not a bad mom. LezBeSexy and good daughter she is just like me :). KaylaLovesAnime sweet girl idk much about her. Bloodydoll my weird but very kind hearted daughter she is hard to understand. princess24841 she is like the best daughter yu can ever ask for a real little angel from heaven.violet is the best the one who never leaves me heart. pandy I love her so much ^u^ she is so sweet and kind to me.scarlett my bfnff she rules she is strange and kind and cool :D. Poisonlov very wise for her age and a kind friend one of the best and she is also my auntie she is very kind and caring :D. roseamary1flame she is like a best friend to me I love to make her smile. emmacutie she is my awesome best friend very caring and understanding.chris90 wild insane funny and awesome a true nutcase lol. xAnnoyingOrangex shes crazy weird and funny as hell sorta reminds me of myself but cooler XD.xXJayHatesYaXx my bsff she is soo cool and kind and allot like me me and her will never be less than best frends forver and ever ^^. WeirdAsFuck my weird friend indeed. my master jane she is the best master ever she is very kind and pretty. my pet mewmewtheskitty is the best lil pet ever even tho she has a short temper :P. I also have sort of a gang on here. members:momo(motionless), jane(darkgirl),spyro(vam),YG(yesgirl) and me :P.Enemies: KingSasaLOL,EDREI,PrinceAssassin,and trust is about half and half.
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