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31 year old Male from Woodbury, UNITED STATES US
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I love looking up at a beautiful grl and thats the last thing im gunna see before she stomps my face and splats it like a grape into the ground!
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i like dominate women.....i like a grl who can control me, is cruel, heartless, humiliating, a total bitch, ruthless, make me beg for mercy, own me. it also turns me on if u can visually tell me a story that you r gunna stomp on me slow but hard 2 death as u tease me laying on the ground. i also love grls who will wrap their legs and strattle my head and snap my neck. Another turn on is I love to be told Im gunna be jumped on, up and down, incorperated with the stomping. Anyone that can sexually torement me while they are stomping too is a huge turn on for example pulling me close and kissing/french kissing me, rubbing/ jiggling boobs in my face, rubbing my face in panties, and ect. i love thick, muscular, toned legs accompanied by clothed women preferably short tight skirts, black bra and panties, and stilletto heels. i love brunnettes and emos bc emos are dangerous and can do alot of damage when stomping on u. I am also very big on other women fighting till the death proving their dominance so if u can tell me storys bout exacuting another grl with a stomp that would be amazing as well. I also like grls that show no mercy that laugh when either me or another female begs, cries or screams in pain and they wait 2 make them think u are showing remourse but than u stomp em!.....i am looking for my goddess. id really like someone like this and they are really hard 2 find so if u are a stomper please hit me up and ill tell u more (I only want friend request from girls that have read this and are willing to do it, if not I will not except your friend request, thank you.). if u dont wanna relationship but want to fullfill my fantasy im down w/ that 2! id really appriciate if someone understood me. thanks ladies and stay dominate and enpowered. my private chat isn't workin so leave me with an e-mail on this thing. cool thanks ladies! Also if u r the girl for me send me a friend request as well after reading this......Don't bother to send me a friend request if you are not gunna do this and please no one younger than 15 i dont want 2 get in trouble, NO DUDES, BLACK CHICKS, OR FUCKING INDIANS! (sry im not trying to be racist i just dont want 80 million friend request from weird people thank u!)
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